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My Canon 50D Unboxing

In mid-August, 2010 I dropped my EOS Rebel XTi after shooting the Andrea's Memorial 5k Run and Walk (see race photos). Thankfully it didn't happen before the race. I was told that the electronic sensor that powers the camera on and off had become detached and it was going to cost $284.00 to get it repaired. Well I had been wanting to upgrade to a 40D, 50D, or 7D for quite awhile. I looked at the prices for all of these and the 7D new is currently fetching about $1400 while the 50D was getting about $950 and the 40D about $650 or $700.


Let's go Jowling

You may be thinking "surely he means bowling". I Don't. I mean jowling. It is apparently a phenomenon of taking photos (with a fast shutter speed) of people shaking their heads rapidly while their face muscles are at rest.

The Beetle Cam Project

I read about this Beetle Cam Project on the Digital Photography School website. These guys used a remote-controlled vehicle and a 400D camera with strobes to make a mobile wildlife camera with some interesting results. The story is on their blog as well (Burrard-Lucas Blog). They got some interesting shots and learned a few lessons about what not to do as well.

exiftool and geotagging

I spent part of today learning a new tool called exiftool by Phil Harvey. It is a pretty cool command line tool for reading, and writing exif data from your photographic images. It is kind of nice to have it updating the geographic data in my images before I upload them to Flickr. I posted a little more about it on my GIS blog

A 90 Year Old Example of Forced Perspective Photography

Just a cool photo that's all. I saw it on the Digital Photography School site and wanted to share. I can only imaging what it took to organize this and how you would account for how perspective changes with the distance between camera and subject.
A 90 Year Old Example of Forced Perspective Photography

Online Training Courses from

I just started taking some courses from (for about 4 months now) and I'm really enjoying them. They have some really great instructors and some really good courses. I've been using Adobe Photoshop more seriously for a couple of years now and recently bought CS4. Deke McClelland of is my absolute favorite teacher of all time. He has a great sense of humor and an un-matched working knowledge of the software. He is the ultimate mask-master.

Homemade Soft Box

I made a softbox the other night out of a cardboard box, some tissue paper, and some scotch tape. Its probably (definitely) not as sturdy as the ones that the pros use but its definitely just a fraction of the cost. I don't think that you will need many instructions if you look at the photos. The only tool I needed was my box cutter to cut a hole for my flash. Another necessity is a way to take the flash off-camera. I have a set of Cactus V4 triggers from that definitely do the trick.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

As a budding nature photographer, this story hit home. I guess you can never be too careful. This poor guy fell into a jetty while trying to photograph a Common Eider. The link below has the whole story, some decent photos, and a poem to go with all of it. Thanks to June Tveekrem for posting this to the best Birding List out there (MDOSPREY).

New Species Groups Block on my Photography Website

I had been trying to figure out the simplest and easiest way to start categorizing birds into taxonomic groups (families or other natural groupings) instead of the chronological photo albums that I have been creating all along.

Hashtags on Twitter

I just checked out this short Article from Digital Photography School that talks about using hashtags for discussions on photography, links to photos, discussions about photographers etc.


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