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Unacceptable GoDaddy Security Restriction

I think I finally figured out one of the reasons why I have had such trouble with some of my Drupal websites. The problem is described in this drupal forum post. The policy does not let me update a required core include file ( Just another reason to think about switching hosts.

Site Upgrade to Drupal 6

I have upgraded this site to Drupal 6 (just in time for Drupal 7). This blog has not received a lot of love lately but this upgrade is my excuse. It took me a while to get through it but I held off with new content while I got a Drupal 6 version running on my localhost and worked on debugging the Drupal 6 version of the theme. One good thing that came out of it was that I started displaying the category icons using CSS instead of template files.

Google Translates my blog

I've been using Google translate (among other things) to try and learn a little bit of Spanish in hopes that if & when I travel I will be able to speak a little of the native tongue. I know that the Google Translate site can translate an entire web page when you type in the url but perhaps I missed this tool that you can add to your site (see my left sidebar near the bottom). It's pretty cool. I might have ignored it thinking it would be difficult to implement but it was very easy.

Maryland Christmas Bird Count Circles in Google Earth

I created a Google Earth / Google Maps file of all the Christmas Bird Count Circles in Maryland (those whose centers occur in the state). I hosted the file on my website

I downloaded all the circle centroids from The National Audubon Society and imported them into ESRI's ArcMap software to create a shapefile. Then I created a second shapefile that was a buffer of those points with a buffer distance of 7.5 miles. Then I exported the second shapefile into KML using KMLER.

New Species Groups Block on my Photography Website

I had been trying to figure out the simplest and easiest way to start categorizing birds into taxonomic groups (families or other natural groupings) instead of the chronological photo albums that I have been creating all along.

Give Amazon Gift Cards for Christmas this year !

I got a lovely gift card from my brother and his family for my birthday recently. I love buying from Amazon. I'm not sure yet if I'll get some books, mp3's or maybe put it towards a piece of photographic gear I've been wanting.

Amazon Green

Amazon is going green with all sorts of carbon-sensitive, Energy Star and otherwise “Environmentally Friendly” products with what they are calling Amazon Green. There are all kinds of products from TP to PC's. When we bought our house we got an Energy Star home which has given us a break on energy bills.

New Photo Website

I created a new website for my photography. The site is I have set up separate albums for Birds, Bugs, Wildlife, and soon I'll have one for family photos as well. I built it with Drupal and another PHP/MySQL application called Gallery. Check it out !

Site Update

After some delay, I've updated this site to Drupal 5.3. There were some updates to help prevent nice little XSS problems like user deletion and some other miscellaneous things. Better safe than sorry I suppose.


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