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Replies to Spam - I'm so tempted

I'm a big fan of Bruce Lawson's replies to spam. It is truly hilarious. I don't have the nerve to play this game with an e-mail address that I really care about so I never sent this along but I am so very tempted and here is what my first correspondence would look like. What do you think ?


Let's go Jowling

You may be thinking "surely he means bowling". I Don't. I mean jowling. It is apparently a phenomenon of taking photos (with a fast shutter speed) of people shaking their heads rapidly while their face muscles are at rest.

A 90 Year Old Example of Forced Perspective Photography

Just a cool photo that's all. I saw it on the Digital Photography School site and wanted to share. I can only imaging what it took to organize this and how you would account for how perspective changes with the distance between camera and subject.
A 90 Year Old Example of Forced Perspective Photography

Mac Mini unboxing

Ok so its not a new product or anything but it is new to me. I got the straight up standard Mac Mini with the slower chip and smaller hard drive. I upgraded the Ram to 4GB though. Here are some pictures I took on the evening when I opened it up. The Mini DVI to VGA adapter I acquired from a friend didn't actually work so I had to pick one up at Best Buy the following day before I could actually get it to work. The one pin is bigger and has smaller pins above and below while the female end on the adapter has a smaller pin and no place for the other pins.

Conan on Birding


Search and Replace Bird List Humor

This may not make as much sense to those who aren't birders but I enter all my birding data into an Access database (and later to a MySQL database - jb-bird) using the 4 letter alpha codes that bird banders use. Lately I've also been uploading all my data to eBird which is a website that makes good use of all that kind of birding data and makes everyones data available to anyone interested.


Hashtags on Twitter

I just checked out this short Article from Digital Photography School that talks about using hashtags for discussions on photography, links to photos, discussions about photographers etc.

Feeding Cannibals

It would help me a great deal if I could lose enough weight so that I would only feed 14 or 15 Cannibals but as it is, I could currently feed 16 of them.

How many cannibals could your body feed?
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Florida Vacation and Birding

My wife Donna and I got back recently from vacationing in South Florida. We stayed in Key Largo. We birded and visited beaches in the Keys and South Florida. We had been warned that there aren't many beaches in the Keys but we found most of the State Park beaches to be pretty nice (although often not very extensive). The beach at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park was nice but the beach at Bahia Honda was small and we had to locate ourselves up in the vegetation to avoid the tide.


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