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Launch of Moonlight Crafters Website

I'm happy to announce a new website I created for my wife. It is a showcase and store for her crafts and those of her sister and neice. It is called Moonlight Crafters.

Florida Vacation and Birding

My wife Donna and I got back recently from vacationing in South Florida. We stayed in Key Largo. We birded and visited beaches in the Keys and South Florida. We had been warned that there aren't many beaches in the Keys but we found most of the State Park beaches to be pretty nice (although often not very extensive). The beach at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park was nice but the beach at Bahia Honda was small and we had to locate ourselves up in the vegetation to avoid the tide.

Dog goes into space

This is the first time NASA has sent an un-manned dog into space. We are proud because they chose our dog “buddy” for the mission. Good Boy Buddy ! See attachment for a photo of the launch.

Some Excitement !

I had to call 911 this evening. The neighbor behind our house called us to ask if we were burning something. We said "No ..." so she asked us to look out back. Sure enough ... there was a fire burning.

New Photo Website

I created a new website for my photography. The site is I have set up separate albums for Birds, Bugs, Wildlife, and soon I'll have one for family photos as well. I built it with Drupal and another PHP/MySQL application called Gallery. Check it out !

World Firefox Day

September 15th ? Recruit a friend. I've already recruited my Dad, my Wife, and my friend James but I did all that before I knew I could be famous (bummer). firefoxday gif
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