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My Canon 50D Unboxing

In mid-August, 2010 I dropped my EOS Rebel XTi after shooting the Andrea's Memorial 5k Run and Walk (see race photos). Thankfully it didn't happen before the race. I was told that the electronic sensor that powers the camera on and off had become detached and it was going to cost $284.00 to get it repaired. Well I had been wanting to upgrade to a 40D, 50D, or 7D for quite awhile. I looked at the prices for all of these and the 7D new is currently fetching about $1400 while the 50D was getting about $950 and the 40D about $650 or $700.

I found the 50D new on ebay a few times for a lot less. I wound up selecting a seller oz.online2 who had it for $807.26. It said it was shipping from the US but was from imported stock. It has a warranty but not from Canon USA. I was a little put off by that fact but I figure as long as nothing goes wrong for the first year, the warranty is no good anyway (fingers crossed). The other thing I spotted about the auction that was a little bit odd was that it came with a 4GB SDHC card. Now I know that this camera uses CF cards. The seller sent me a message soon after I made the purchase saying that buyers had recently complained about the card not working with the camera and "did I want a refund ?". I responded that if they were complaining about the SDHC card not working that it was no big deal (I have lots of CF cards) but if it was an actual problem with the camera, I would go with the refund. The camera arrived and it works fine (the confusion over this was unsettling before I knew what was going on).

The manual is entirely in Chinese. That isn't too bad though because I found a pdf online. The menu on the camera was in Chinese too which was a little bit tough to figure out at first but I found a website that had an animated graphic that took me through the menu system (in English). I saw which icon was for the language setting (see photo; the language setting is the one that is highlighted) and I was in. So far everything is working great and I'm quite happy with the purchase. Here is one of the first photos I took with the new camera (Gray Catbird Photo).

Canon 50D Unboxing Photo Canon 50D Unboxing Photo Canon 50D Unboxing Photo
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