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Drupal Nomination (just in time)

I nominated Drupal (at the very last minute) as my favorite open source CMS. It really is the best because its easy to install (albeit a bit tough to learn initially) and because once learned, it is very powerful (methinks). The deadline was today 9/1/06

Web Pages that suck

There is a good site out there that I've looked at a good bit called "Web Pages that Suck". The first thing that occurs to me is ... Why would I want to look at web pages that suck ? Well if you can't identify what sucks, its tough to recognize what makes a page really good. Hopefully my pages don't suck but I know that a couple of them could use some improvements ! The site has a series of articles. Some of the ones I liked are:
Mystery Meat Navigation

World Firefox Day

September 15th ? Recruit a friend. I've already recruited my Dad, my Wife, and my friend James but I did all that before I knew I could be famous (bummer). firefoxday gif

Testing the Swift Browser

I downloaded the Swift Browser. I heard about this from Paul Boag's Practical Web Design Podcast. Its supposed to be like Safari for Windows.

Eurasian Collared Dove (more birding)

On Sunday, I got to see the Eurasian Collared Dove in Frederick County, MD. Thats a new state bird for me. I've seen them before in Florida and We'll probably see a bunch of them when Donna and I go to Florida in a few weeks.

Today in Birding

Today I got a new County Bird in Garrett County. It was a Blue Grosbeak that was reported last week at Russell Road by John Hubbel. I also saw a Mockingbird which is unusual in Garrett County. I also confirmed Eastern Kingbird for the Breeding Bird Atlas Project.

A Political Statement

Now that I'm running this thing, I thought I'd add a "Political Statement" from ... Made You Think - dot - org Click on the madeyouthink word in the upper-left corner. Very Interesting Art Work !

New Blog Subdomain

Aha ... You can now get to this website by going to or by going to I'm not really sure why I thought to put links here. I guess I'm just hypertext-crazy. I suppose you could click each link and watch the URL (and nothing else) change. I thought it was pretty cool but then again you know what they say about simple things ... !!??!!

Site Debut !!!!

Cool. I did it. I installed Drupal. It was a little bit scary in there but I managed to figure it out. It was probably easier than some parts of the configuration (which still needs a fair amount of work). I may want to setup a subdomain for this site (i.e. I'm pretty excited.


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