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Digg for web design

I just checked out Design Float which appears to be a Digg site that targets web design and web development. I found a few jquery and css tips in the articles that were linked to from this site. It looks pretty cool. It won't replace Digg for most users but, in my opinion, the narrow focus is useful. I'll be checking this site out from time to time.

Launch of Moonlight Crafters Website

I'm happy to announce a new website I created for my wife. It is a showcase and store for her crafts and those of her sister and neice. It is called Moonlight Crafters.

Western MD Birding Website Redesign

I'm proud to announce the newly re-designed Western Maryland Birding.

Google Calendar to Palm Desktop Conversion

I just found a google calendar to Palm Desktop Converter on the web (try the link to the article). It worked great. They guy calls it ical2vcal. You can go under settings for your google calendar and save a .ics file on your hard drive and then upload it to this cgi application and it will return a vcs file to your browser.

Publish XP for Gallery 2

I recently needed to upload 464 photos from the Andrea Gattens Memorial 5K Run and Walk to my website. My wife Donna asked me to take some photos of the runners. I spent a lot of time processing the RAW images. I think next time I'll just process JPG's and do them "as is". My photos are on my photo site "J.B. Churchill Photography" (currently the last album listed).

Amazon Green

Amazon is going green with all sorts of carbon-sensitive, Energy Star and otherwise “Environmentally Friendly” products with what they are calling Amazon Green. There are all kinds of products from TP to PC's. When we bought our house we got an Energy Star home which has given us a break on energy bills.

Spamspan Module

I have been trying to figure out how to encrypt an email address in a drupal site and I think I found the easiest way possible to do it. I've done this on my static sites for awhile now and thought there should be a module that would do this and it probably wouldn't be too difficult to write.


I had a new follower on Twitter recently named fotoviewr so I went to see who it was. It turns out the name was related to an application that shows your Flickr photos in a viewer that can be linked to or embedded in your website.

My 2008 BBS Route Completed

I'm relieved that I am done entering all the bird count data from the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) Route that I ran on Tuesday. It looks from the summary on the website that this was my 6th year running the route. It really is a lot of fun yet its a pain too because there is a lot of preparation that goes into it. I often check a nearby stream gage because when the water is high, the first few stops (along Spring Lick Road) near the Savage River Reservoir can be very loud (which makes it tough to hear birds).

Feeding Cannibals

It would help me a great deal if I could lose enough weight so that I would only feed 14 or 15 Cannibals but as it is, I could currently feed 16 of them.

How many cannibals could your body feed?
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