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More on HTML 5 - 1st Public Draft

I saw in a recent article (HTML 5 Hits First Public Working Draft) that HTML 5 has a draft release. It is apparently still being updated daily and this draft is simply a snapshot in time. The draft is found on (HTML 5). It is encouraging to see that the authors of this dry material have a sense of humor ...


CSS Layouts without using FLOAT

I haven't tried out the code just yet but I've been looking at an article on making CSS layouts without using Absolute Positioning (my typical approach) or the more complicated FLOAT. The article is How to create CSS layouts without using FLOAT. I'm not sure I would use this yet as its a little unconventional (using OL's instead of DIV's ?) but I thought it was worth a read.

New Photo Website

I created a new website for my photography. The site is I have set up separate albums for Birds, Bugs, Wildlife, and soon I'll have one for family photos as well. I built it with Drupal and another PHP/MySQL application called Gallery. Check it out !

De-(fire)bugging Gmail

I just noticed a message while checking my g-mail saying that Firebug (the awesome extension for firefox) can make g-mail run slow. They say the best thing is to just disable it while you are g-mailing but they offer some tips for configuring it if you insist on having it run during your g-mail session. See the article from google

Site Update

After some delay, I've updated this site to Drupal 5.3. There were some updates to help prevent nice little XSS problems like user deletion and some other miscellaneous things. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

AOL to layoff over 2000 workers

AOL to Layoff over 2000

As AOL transitions from a service provider to an online advertising company, they expect to lay off over 2000 employees.

What if Google had to design for Google

If you design web pages, chances are at some point you've had to consider ways to get ranked among other similar pages with Google. But What if Google had to design for Google. Bet you've never given that much thought !

Web 2.0 and Online Generators [100+]

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for online generators. I've only looked at a few of these so far but they look pretty useful for making web 2.0 buttons and graphics with rounded corners and generating gifs and code tidbits. Props to Eric for showing me this. Web 2.0 and Online Generators. The ajaxflakes site looks like it might be worth bookmarking too.

Creating a Web Design Portfolio

I have been trying to figure out how to showcase my skills. I'd like to have an online portfolio that shows some of my better designs. I have a few questions before I get started. These questions include “when to use screenshots vs. links to active sites”. I think that I should probably make screenshots whenever I make (or redesign) a page to document the site in its existing state. I may not save the old design if I redo it but the screen shot will document it. It also gives me something to look back at and compare with the new design.


Save the Internet

I know this issue has been around for awhile but its a confusing problem. Are you still confused about net neutrality ? If you haven't already done so, check out the video (below) ... and also check out the website save the internet



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