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I was recently dismayed to discover that my comments on a GIS blog that I follow were not being included (in googles files) as links back to my site. To explain ... a google search of "" returned 0 results. I noticed that comment posts with a website were given the rel attribute with a value of "external nofollow" which causes the search engine to not follow the poster's link. It appears to be largely a wordpress phenomenon.


I finally got my joost invite. I have no idea what to think of it yet but I'll keep ya posted.

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Operate on the Bunny

Need a diversion ? Operate on the Bunny ! Kinda cool ...

Make your own gadget - Google

Make your own gadget with google's (igoogle's ?) customizable gadgets. You don't have a whole lot of creative room but some of these look like fun. I'll try a couple and see which ones I find useful. The Free Form, the personal list, and the Daily Me all look potentially cool.

The Web Design Survey

I took the web design survey. Perhaps this is designed more for full-time web-designers. I found myself unsure whether to answer the questions as they pertained to my "real job" vs. my "side jobs". Take the web design survey at

survey graphic

Family - Funny Money

Family - Funny Money - We are in the Money ! Our funny family is printing funny money. Shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone. I found this on a website called Festisite.

Is Jaiku for you ?

I've subscribed to Jaiku at the recommendation of friend and co-worker Eric Farris. Its a good way to send short messages that your friends and associates and random people from the internet can keep tabs on you with. I'd say that its fun but I'm hoping I don't waste too much time on here. It has the potential to be a drain but thankfully the allure isn't that great for me. Balance is key.

Birding Info on the Open Directory Project

There are maintained lists of links on the web (see These are edited by volunteers. Google takes advantage of this so there must be something to it if it works better than their web crawler. But does it ? I found dead links on it like the old link to the Allegany Bird Club Web site. It did have the new link so why isn't the old link deleted ? It simply re-directs you to the new site anyway.


Free Internet from Google; TiSP going with the flow

I have to wonder if this didn't come out on April 1st. Free high speed internet. Check out TiSP and see also How to Install TiSP !
Flush twice ... its a long way to the googleplex.

My Bird Database (online)

So I've been reading a book on PHP and MySQL to help me learn how to tweak Drupal and just to become a more well rounded Web Developer. The book is called “Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL” by Hugh E. Williams and David Lane.


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