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Browser Wars (Mobile ?)

My personal preference of a web browser changes frequently for a number of reasons so I was interested in knowing what other people have to say about it. The topic is currently dominated by browser market share analysis particularly in the mobile arena. Frankly I don't care much about mobile browsing. Maybe I'm just getting old but I just can't even see the browser on my iPhone. Interesting though that Safari dominates as top mobile browser. I immediately can't help but wonder how much of that share is because of the iPhone market share and, as one of the readers in the comments of the linked article pointed out, browsers on iPhone are a “skin” for Safari.
No I'm thinking more about the browser I use on my home computer. I still use Firefox primarily for web development and Safari to test out how my pages look. Firefox plugins like Firebug and FireFTP are essentials in my opinion. I use Google Chrome for a faster zippier experience (Firefox has become a bit of a dog). I lean towards Chrome for most of my everyday browsing but I occasionally revisit Safari and I often have a concurrent Firefox session open along with my Chrome session. What do others think ?