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CSS Layouts without using FLOAT

I haven't tried out the code just yet but I've been looking at an article on making CSS layouts without using Absolute Positioning (my typical approach) or the more complicated FLOAT. The article is How to create CSS layouts without using FLOAT. I'm not sure I would use this yet as its a little unconventional (using OL's instead of DIV's ?) but I thought it was worth a read.


First of all, shame on you for using position: absolute. :) I feel dirty just specifying width in px. Using ordered and unordered lists in this way isn't unconventional, just good practice. If you're trying to be semantically correct, you'll use lists when you mean lists, just like you'd use <address> if you mean an address, or the d[dtl] tags when you mean definition lists. Before the CSS days, we were all led to believe <ol> meant outlines, and <ul> meant bullets. It's just not so. I've used this particular idea in the past (the table-* values for display:), but it's always seemed like a cop-out to me, sort of reverting back to <table>-based layouts, something that again pre-dates CSS, and is bad design practice. I've also had the problems that this article addresses, ie., umm, IE. :) Maybe I'll feel better about using this technique if more people espouse it. Interesting, nonetheless. --