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New Species Groups Block on my Photography Website

I had been trying to figure out the simplest and easiest way to start categorizing birds into taxonomic groups (families or other natural groupings) instead of the chronological photo albums that I have been creating all along.

I still make the albums but I decided to make a page for each group using Drupal that lists photos in each group. Then the different pages are added to a menu and I put the menu in a block in the left sidebar.

I also made url aliases for each group so far I just have three (Gulls & Terns, Warblers, and Sparrows) but I'm going to work on more when I find the time. I'll probably make one for Shorebirds, Pelagic species, Long-legged Waders, Hawks, Owls, Flycatchers etc. I don't have many photos in some of these groups yet so I'll have to work on that too.