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Mac Mini unboxing

Ok so its not a new product or anything but it is new to me. I got the straight up standard Mac Mini with the slower chip and smaller hard drive. I upgraded the Ram to 4GB though. Here are some pictures I took on the evening when I opened it up. The Mini DVI to VGA adapter I acquired from a friend didn't actually work so I had to pick one up at Best Buy the following day before I could actually get it to work. The one pin is bigger and has smaller pins above and below while the female end on the adapter has a smaller pin and no place for the other pins. So far it has been fun and sometimes frustrating but overall I find it very responsive and fast and haven't had any problems. I need to get an external drive so I can move all my photos and music over to it and work towards independence from my old ailing PC.

mac mini unboxing mac mini unboxing mac mini unboxing mac mini unboxing