You are here is at a new host

So I decided to give bluehost a try. I moved my business website ( there and made it my primary domain. I've been frustrated with being unable to give me a straight answer as to why 2 of my sites continuously have errors. I understand that they don't support various applications (like gallery) but how can you explain seeing errors one day and not the next day and permissions changing on folders after I've set them manually? One potentially bad decision was trying to make a drupal site the first thing I moved. I asked tech support at Bluehost how to point the domain to my target folder. He asked if it were my primary domain and I said ”Yes„ and he told me I'd have to move all the drupal files into the root public_html folder. That just seems messy. Anyway there is a workaround but it didn't seem to work very well for me and I was concerned that it may mess up some of my other domains when they get moved over. That workaround involves creative use of rewrites in a .htaccess file.