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XML (Google ?) weirdness

I've had an RSS feed now for a while (a couple of months ?). I thought it was working fine until recently when I noticed that it was showing items that I've manually deleted and not showing items that I've added. I normally like to blog from here with cool stuff that I've found that may be of use to someone. This time I'm hoping someone can help me. I can hit my feed directly with my browser ( and it shows the correct items. It doesn't show up correctly in my google ig page or when added to the google reader. I asked a co-worker to try to add it to his BlogLines and it read the file correctly. So I'm left with the idea that somehow google is the culprit (and they say they aren't evil !??!). I'd believe that was the only problem except my Drupal aggregator (left panel) is showing the same incorrect crap that the Google readers show. Anyone have any ideas ? I also set up a sitemap on google recently and I can't tell for sure but it doesn't appear to crawl my site very often (not since 9/17). Also doesn't show any results (try it and see) but I see some links to there from THIS site. I've seen so many posts by people trying to get conformance with them over this sitemap stuff that it has me worried.