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My Bird Database (online)

So I've been reading a book on PHP and MySQL to help me learn how to tweak Drupal and just to become a more well rounded Web Developer. The book is called “Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL” by Hugh E. Williams and David Lane. I've had a bird database that I started in the late 90's by going back through my old notebooks that I started keeping in the late 80's. The notebooks have almost all my bird sightings in them from 1987 (when I started birding) and up. After creating the database, I simply updated it from the notebook every couple of weeks after a few days of birding on the weekends. Now I've converted it to a MySQL database from MS Access and have uploaded it to my webserver and created an application based on examples from the book. Check out the bird database on my Western Maryland Birding Website J.B.'s Birding Database. The rest is some technical mumbo jumbo so if you aren't into programming, read no further. What are you waiting for ... click the link ! After some tribulations with trying to get around a 2MB file size upload limit using the phpmyadmin interface, I managed to get my main data table (over 4 MB) uploaded by splitting the file I created with mysqldump.exe into smaller files. I had to be sure the files were formatted with unix characters (for my linux host) and I had to set --fields-terminated-by and --fields-enclosed-by when creating the dump. The full command was something like mysqldump.exe -uroot -pxxxxxxx bird --tab C:\jbc\dumps --fields-terminated-by=; --fields-enclosed-by=" Then I had to index some of the fields for better performance through the phpmyadmin interface and make some minor adjustments and it was good to go. What fun !!!