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Performance testing with YSlow (addon for Firefox)

The YSlow extension for Firefox is an addon that requires the popular Firebug Extension. If you don't use firebug and you do your own web development, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. It's the bomb. Anyway ... YSlow adds some features to Firebug that allow you to test the performance of your web pages. YSlow is brought to you by the Yahoo Developer Network. The addon includes great web documentation. Yahoo's 13 rules seem a bit much. My site ( loads pretty fast by my evaluation yet it got a grade of 62 (“D”) for breaking a bunch of these rules. I got an A on 7 out of 13 rules, a B on 1, 4 F's and one n/a. The rules include gzipping content, making fewer http requests, using an "expires" header, using a CDN, moving scripts to the bottom and more. The whole load balancing and ETags thing is new to me and there probably isn't much I can do about it as a result of the limitations of my shared hosting account. They don' let me do much to configure Apache. screenshot of the yslow menus
The YSlow extension adds the toolbar shown in this screenshot to your Firebug extension for Firefox.
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