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Gone E-birding

So I've been checking out the ebird website which I believe is a coordinated effort from Audubon and Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Long-time Maryland Birder Marshall Iliff has posted to our listserve MDOsprey urging us to upload our sightings to e-bird. He pointed out to me that I've posted a detailed list to the listserve and that it would have been just as easy to post to e-bird and then have the list e-mailed back to me making the post easier.

I decided to give it a try. So far so good. It doesn't have Black-capped Chickadee listed for my area which is incorrect. It has a nice Google Maps interface that you use to add your location data and to browse locations as well. I like that.

I wanted to see if I could contribute the close to 60,000 records that I have in my online (and MS Access) database ( It appears that they only take a rather obscure new National Geographic Handheld Birds format rather than a more widespread format. I'm guessing that it is so that the fields like bird names etc. are standardized with their database. I think it would be possible to format my data for the database so I have e-mailed them and will wait and see what they have to say.