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Review of Feng-GUI

I heard about Feng-GUI from Command-N and I decided to give it a try. It is a cheap alternative to what they call “eye-tracking” which tracks where a user's eyes go while using your website.
It uses the colors and patterns of your site to assess where people would likely be looking while navigating your site. Their algorithm is based on actual research on what kinds of things capture peoples attention. I tested it out on this blog and also on one of my own websites called Western MD Birding and I attached some images below showing the results of both.
blog results click for full view
First lets discuss the blog. Appropriately the hottest spot appears to by my logo. I have to agree it is very cool. Also notable are the primary menu items, the left sidebar and the content at the top of the page. That looks pretty good.

blog results click for full view
The results from Western MD Birding are a little bit more difficult for me to accept (possibly bogus results ?). Again the colorful header is pretty hot. Apparently the reeds in the Pied-billed Grebe photo (right-most photo) are very hot and to a lesser extent the Common Redpoll (second to the left-most). Also showing up as very hot is the green stripe advertising my CafePress store. What is so special about the black stripe on the right side of the page is somewhat puzzling too. I'm not about to rush out and pay for eye-tracking for my personal sites but I'm concerned about the seemingly odd results that I got for the Western MD Birding website. I think maybe I'm getting what I paid for. I'll probably use it again but I'll take the results with a grain of salt.
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