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Spamspan Module

I have been trying to figure out how to encrypt an email address in a drupal site and I think I found the easiest way possible to do it. I've done this on my static sites for awhile now and thought there should be a module that would do this and it probably wouldn't be too difficult to write.
I started out trying to do this myself and as often happens, I find out at some point during the process that a drupal module already exists for what I'm trying to do. First I tried using invisimail but that did not work for me. A commenter on that module recommended spamspan and that one seems to work very well. I haven't looked at it very closely yet but I think the javascript must be very similar to what I use on my static sites. I like the fact that I can just enter the email address and the module parses out the pieces for me. That aspect of the module makes it very easy to use. I implemented it on a site I'm working on at