Florida Vacation and Birding

My wife Donna and I got back recently from vacationing in South Florida. We stayed in Key Largo. We birded and visited beaches in the Keys and South Florida. We had been warned that there aren't many beaches in the Keys but we found most of the State Park beaches to be pretty nice (although often not very extensive). The beach at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park was nice but the beach at Bahia Honda was small and we had to locate ourselves up in the vegetation to avoid the tide.

Review of Feng-GUI

I heard about Feng-GUI from Command-N and I decided to give it a try. It is a cheap alternative to what they call “eye-tracking” which tracks where a user's eyes go while using your website.
It uses the colors and patterns of your site to assess where people would likely be looking while navigating your site. Their algorithm is based on actual research on what kinds of things capture peoples attention. I tested it out on this blog and also on one of my own websites called Western MD Birding and I attached some images below showing the results of both.

Tagging Pages with an ID in the body tag.

I've been reading “CSS Mastery; Advanced Web Standards Solutions” by Andy Budd. So far I like it but its tough to get through a book like this without trying everything out on the computer eh ?!!?

Color Finder (mooColorFinder)

I saw this on Eric's website and it looked like he may have seen it on Amber MacArthur's tweets. It is a utility that looks at all the CSS rendered (won't get everything from all the images) colors on a website.

Dog goes into space

This is the first time NASA has sent an un-manned dog into space. We are proud because they chose our dog “buddy” for the mission. Good Boy Buddy ! See attachment for a photo of the launch.

Some Excitement !

I had to call 911 this evening. The neighbor behind our house called us to ask if we were burning something. We said "No ..." so she asked us to look out back. Sure enough ... there was a fire burning.

Google Maps getting too close for comfort

I saw this on James Fee's blog. Its a pretty funny video. I always wondered about the privacy issue with that Street Map thing. Now I know a little more. C'mon ... you gotta click the Read More Link !

February Pelagic Trip

The February Pelagic trip I took (February, 23, 2008) from See Life Paulagics was an excellent trip. I'll have fond memories of this one for a long time. We saw lots of great birds but perhaps even more impressive was the show of Whales and Dolphins.

a google maps game

While looking at samples of google maps, I came across this pretty cool game. Shoot at the zombies that walk at random across the campus of the University of Southern California. The game is the map of the dead game.


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