Joost (part II)

So far I have checked it out a couple of times but I haven't really found anything that I'm very interested in. A couple of Canadian Park guys that were pretty funny and some other Environment-related content. It doesn't run very well on my laptop so that may be a part of why I'm not enjoying it so much. I just don't see much that I'm interested in.

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Spam Module

I just installed and enabled the Drupal Spam module for this site. I had left the “Create New Account” option available in case somebody reasonable reading this page wanted to join in on the fun. Unfortunately it was hijacked instead by a vile creature from the underbelly of society who thought he/she/it could use it for some unknown gain.

Tic Tac Trivia

A fun game that takes using your brain to win. Tic Tac Toe
Topic: ... Featured Drupal Site

While trying to find an e-mail address for the compiler of the C&O Canal Bird Count, I discovered that the website that DC Audubon has set up is a Drupal site.

Safari for Windows

Another browser to test webpages on ? Fun. Yes ... I'm using it right now ! I tried the Swift browser awhile back that attempted to do this but I wasn't very enthused (it didn't work very well; it crashed a LOT). This looks to be a bit more professional coming from the source (Apple). See the article “Apple takes Safari to Windows” from the Australian IT News website. Download it from Apple's download page.

Make your own Dummies Book

Saw this cool photo on James Fee's blog Link and it was made by txt2pic. Browsing around their site I found one that does a dummies book generator.

Color Strategy

I came across a good article about considerations of Color Strategy in web design. I prefer to choose my own colors but find myself browsing a lot of designs on sites like OSWD.

Lemmings on the Internet

Remember that game Lemmings ? Well now you can play Lemmings on the Internet.

Engage - The Best Way to Start

I heard about this on Windows Weekly (I think ?). Leo Laporte was talking about this new Start Menu enhancement utility called Engage.

Photo Quiz from Digital Photography School

I took the photo quiz from that I found at Digital Photography School. It said I'm like Ansel Adams. I always did like all that zone system stuff when I shot 35mm B&W.



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