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Dog goes into space

This is the first time NASA has sent an un-manned dog into space. We are proud because they chose our dog “buddy” for the mission. Good Boy Buddy ! See attachment for a photo of the launch.

Some Excitement !

I had to call 911 this evening. The neighbor behind our house called us to ask if we were burning something. We said "No ..." so she asked us to look out back. Sure enough ... there was a fire burning.

Google Maps getting too close for comfort

I saw this on James Fee's blog. Its a pretty funny video. I always wondered about the privacy issue with that Street Map thing. Now I know a little more. C'mon ... you gotta click the Read More Link !

a google maps game

While looking at samples of google maps, I came across this pretty cool game. Shoot at the zombies that walk at random across the campus of the University of Southern California. The game is the map of the dead game.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day !

According to ... its National “Talk Like a Pirate Day” again. September 19th is the big day.

Q. So how do you know if you are a pirate.
A. You don't think about things like that ... ya just Arrrrrrr !

Animator vs. Animation Flash Animation

I got a link from a friend to this flash animation. I'm not a big flash fan but I thought this was pretty cool. Check out Animator vs. Animation

Pretty Validation Pages

The validators at have been given a face lift. They are much prettier now than they were the last time I checked my pages. I use the Markup Validation Service and the CSS Validation Service very frequently. These tools are a great way to validate your HTML/XHTML markup and CSS.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

The cartoon ... SuperNews! - Gates vs. Jobs is pretty funny. Its funnier than the standard “I'm a Mac and I'm a PC” commercials. It also features the Commodore 64. Check it out.

Wikipedia Edits stories

I came across this funny article from Wired magazine called “Vote On the Most Shameful Wikipedia Spin Jobs” after talking with co-worker Eric. Eric pointed me to this blog after I mentioned the NPR story to him (which is worth listening to for the background information on the subject).


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