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Family - Funny Money

Family - Funny Money - We are in the Money ! Our funny family is printing funny money. Shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone. I found this on a website called Festisite.

Is Jaiku for you ?

I've subscribed to Jaiku at the recommendation of friend and co-worker Eric Farris. Its a good way to send short messages that your friends and associates and random people from the internet can keep tabs on you with. I'd say that its fun but I'm hoping I don't waste too much time on here. It has the potential to be a drain but thankfully the allure isn't that great for me. Balance is key.

Free Internet from Google; TiSP going with the flow

I have to wonder if this didn't come out on April 1st. Free high speed internet. Check out TiSP and see also How to Install TiSP !
Flush twice ... its a long way to the googleplex.

Teasers added to Google Personalized Pages

Well I must come off as a proponent of Google. I have to admit I like my gmail and I like my personalized page and google reader. They recently added teasers to the google personalized page and I like them too.

Here is a screen shot of one of my feeds on my google personalized page with the teaser opened up. The Allegany and Garrett Countie's Bird Club is a website that I maintain.

Get a First Life

Tired of hearing about second life. Totally not interested. Here is a satirical website poking fun at second life. Pretty cool !

Get a First Life

Happy Ninja Day

Happy Ninja Day. You can pretend you are a ninja (but just today). Day of the Ninja

Bruce Lawson's Replies to Spam

I came across this site the other day while reading about a Web Site Constitution that I was pointed to by Paul Boag's Blog. I followed the link to the spam letters and laughed for the next 10 or 15 minutes straight.
Spam Letters
Also funny was this Geocities css zen garden entry. Now thats a piece of work ! Beautiful in its ugliness. Ugly is the new beautiful !

Tetris with jquery

I used to spend countless hours playing Tetris on the Nintendo box with my buddy James. Tonight I was finally checking out jquery ... a javascript library that is finding its way into the next major rollout of Drupal. One of the demos was a Tetris game. Pretty cool and very much like the original !

The WTF Internet category

Two of the most bizarre (and pointless) sites on the internet. Warning ... don't waste much time on these pages lest you become brain dead.
Can it really be ... the end of the internet ? ... where anything is possible. Whatever !??!

World Firefox Day

September 15th ? Recruit a friend. I've already recruited my Dad, my Wife, and my friend James but I did all that before I knew I could be famous (bummer). firefoxday gif


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