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Mac OS X upgrade - localhost stopped running

I ran "apachectl configtest" and it reported "Syntax OK". but it was not running (any localhost page had an error). So I ran "sudo apachectl start" and now everything is good. I'm not sure whether this happened upgrading to Yosemite or El Capitan because I did them both within about a week.

Google Maps API - Upgrading to v3

I noticed recently that maps on my online birding database had stopped working. I thought “That is odd, I haven't updated that page in quite awhile and I think it was working last time I checked”. Upon further investigation, using the Javascript Console Developer tool in Google Chrome, I discovered that some functions I was using in API v2 were deprecated. Other simple maps I've made were still working but not the list of all locations within a given county. Here is an example of that page using Calvert County, Maryland.

Browser Wars (Mobile ?)

My personal preference of a web browser changes frequently for a number of reasons so I was interested in knowing what other people have to say about it. The topic is currently dominated by browser market share analysis particularly in the mobile arena. Frankly I don't care much about mobile browsing. Maybe I'm just getting old but I just can't even see the browser on my iPhone. Interesting though that Safari dominates as top mobile browser.

The Client Questionairre

This article summarizes a list of good questions to ask a potential client. I find myself asking a lot of these questions informally but I kind of like the idea of a questionairre. The article is “How to Extract the Facts with a Web Design Client Questionairre”.

Firebug 1.6.1 released

I noticed there had been some updates to Firebug lately. I just updated my laptop to the latest version of Firebug 1.6.1. I also sent a $5.00 donation to the developers because I've found it to be a useful extension. As my business grows, perhaps I can give more.

It helps me to figure out where my web code shows up on the page in the browser (without hunting for it) and what tags surround the content that I can use to add style with CSS.

Ajax and the eBird web form

This post is only tangentially related to birding but ultimately this web tool I am working on will be a widget to draw data specific to a birding location at Western Maryland Birding from the eBird database. This tool will allow users to generate a table of birds seen at the location by specifying how many days back and how many miles away from that location they want to search (with some limits set so as not to tax the e-bird database).

Allen's Hummingbird Nest-Cam

I saw this re-posted on the MDOSPREY listserv. Its really cool watching this female hummingbird sitting on the nest. The video is amazing. Check out the Hummingbird-Nest-Cam !

Firefox 3.5 is now the most popular browser

For a short but interesting take on some web statistics read this Firefox Article on Sitepoint. Apparently if you go by version number Firefox 3.5 is currently more popular than any single version of IE.

Google Translates my blog

I've been using Google translate (among other things) to try and learn a little bit of Spanish in hopes that if & when I travel I will be able to speak a little of the native tongue. I know that the Google Translate site can translate an entire web page when you type in the url but perhaps I missed this tool that you can add to your site (see my left sidebar near the bottom). It's pretty cool. I might have ignored it thinking it would be difficult to implement but it was very easy.

Jeremy Keith Interview on HTML 5 from Boagworld

I just finished listening to an interview that Paul Boag conducted with Jeremy Keith about what happened with the W3C working group and the split between XHTML2 and HTML5. He explains a little bit behind why things went the way they did and why its for the best. Jeremy Keith is the author of the Friends of Ed book Dom Scripting Book which has great examples of javascript and DOM scripting used in a way that supports graceful degradation.


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