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Digg for web design

I just checked out Design Float which appears to be a Digg site that targets web design and web development. I found a few jquery and css tips in the articles that were linked to from this site. It looks pretty cool. It won't replace Digg for most users but, in my opinion, the narrow focus is useful. I'll be checking this site out from time to time.

Launch of Moonlight Crafters Website

I'm happy to announce a new website I created for my wife. It is a showcase and store for her crafts and those of her sister and neice. It is called Moonlight Crafters.

Google Calendar to Palm Desktop Conversion

I just found a google calendar to Palm Desktop Converter on the web (try the link to the article). It worked great. They guy calls it ical2vcal. You can go under settings for your google calendar and save a .ics file on your hard drive and then upload it to this cgi application and it will return a vcs file to your browser.

Publish XP for Gallery 2

I recently needed to upload 464 photos from the Andrea Gattens Memorial 5K Run and Walk to my website. My wife Donna asked me to take some photos of the runners. I spent a lot of time processing the RAW images. I think next time I'll just process JPG's and do them "as is". My photos are on my photo site "J.B. Churchill Photography" (currently the last album listed).

Amazon Green

Amazon is going green with all sorts of carbon-sensitive, Energy Star and otherwise “Environmentally Friendly” products with what they are calling Amazon Green. There are all kinds of products from TP to PC's. When we bought our house we got an Energy Star home which has given us a break on energy bills.

Spamspan Module

I have been trying to figure out how to encrypt an email address in a drupal site and I think I found the easiest way possible to do it. I've done this on my static sites for awhile now and thought there should be a module that would do this and it probably wouldn't be too difficult to write.

Review of Feng-GUI

I heard about Feng-GUI from Command-N and I decided to give it a try. It is a cheap alternative to what they call “eye-tracking” which tracks where a user's eyes go while using your website.
It uses the colors and patterns of your site to assess where people would likely be looking while navigating your site. Their algorithm is based on actual research on what kinds of things capture peoples attention. I tested it out on this blog and also on one of my own websites called Western MD Birding and I attached some images below showing the results of both.

Tagging Pages with an ID in the body tag.

I've been reading “CSS Mastery; Advanced Web Standards Solutions” by Andy Budd. So far I like it but its tough to get through a book like this without trying everything out on the computer eh ?!!?

Color Finder (mooColorFinder)

I saw this on Eric's website and it looked like he may have seen it on Amber MacArthur's tweets. It is a utility that looks at all the CSS rendered (won't get everything from all the images) colors on a website.


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