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Save the Internet

I know this issue has been around for awhile but its a confusing problem. Are you still confused about net neutrality ? If you haven't already done so, check out the video (below) ... and also check out the website save the internet


Gone E-birding

So I've been checking out the ebird website which I believe is a coordinated effort from Audubon and Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Long-time Maryland Birder Marshall Iliff has posted to our listserve MDOsprey urging us to upload our sightings to e-bird. He pointed out to me that I've posted a detailed list to the listserve and that it would have been just as easy to post to e-bird and then have the list e-mailed back to me making the post easier.


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day !

According to ... its National “Talk Like a Pirate Day” again. September 19th is the big day.

Q. So how do you know if you are a pirate.
A. You don't think about things like that ... ya just Arrrrrrr !

Animator vs. Animation Flash Animation

I got a link from a friend to this flash animation. I'm not a big flash fan but I thought this was pretty cool. Check out Animator vs. Animation

Pretty Validation Pages

The validators at have been given a face lift. They are much prettier now than they were the last time I checked my pages. I use the Markup Validation Service and the CSS Validation Service very frequently. These tools are a great way to validate your HTML/XHTML markup and CSS.

Wikipedia Edits stories

I came across this funny article from Wired magazine called “Vote On the Most Shameful Wikipedia Spin Jobs” after talking with co-worker Eric. Eric pointed me to this blog after I mentioned the NPR story to him (which is worth listening to for the background information on the subject).


copyscape is a site that you can use to find other sites on the web that have used your intellectual property. It compares your site with other sites on the web and offers potential violations as the results. Then you can potentially contact the offenders and ask them to quit copying you. I heard about this on Paul Boag's Dot Net podcast.

Performance testing with YSlow (addon for Firefox)

The YSlow extension for Firefox is an addon that requires the popular Firebug Extension. If you don't use firebug and you do your own web development, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. It's the bomb. Anyway ... YSlow adds some features to Firebug that allow you to test the performance of your web pages. YSlow is brought to you by the Yahoo Developer Network. The addon includes great web documentation.

Joost (part II)

So far I have checked it out a couple of times but I haven't really found anything that I'm very interested in. A couple of Canadian Park guys that were pretty funny and some other Environment-related content. It doesn't run very well on my laptop so that may be a part of why I'm not enjoying it so much. I just don't see much that I'm interested in.

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Spam Module

I just installed and enabled the Drupal Spam module for this site. I had left the “Create New Account” option available in case somebody reasonable reading this page wanted to join in on the fun. Unfortunately it was hijacked instead by a vile creature from the underbelly of society who thought he/she/it could use it for some unknown gain.


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