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Tic Tac Trivia

A fun game that takes using your brain to win. Tic Tac Toe
Topic: ... Featured Drupal Site

While trying to find an e-mail address for the compiler of the C&O Canal Bird Count, I discovered that the website that DC Audubon has set up is a Drupal site.

Make your own Dummies Book

Saw this cool photo on James Fee's blog Link and it was made by txt2pic. Browsing around their site I found one that does a dummies book generator.

Color Strategy

I came across a good article about considerations of Color Strategy in web design. I prefer to choose my own colors but find myself browsing a lot of designs on sites like OSWD.

Lemmings on the Internet

Remember that game Lemmings ? Well now you can play Lemmings on the Internet.

Engage - The Best Way to Start

I heard about this on Windows Weekly (I think ?). Leo Laporte was talking about this new Start Menu enhancement utility called Engage.

Photo Quiz from Digital Photography School

I took the photo quiz from that I found at Digital Photography School. It said I'm like Ansel Adams. I always did like all that zone system stuff when I shot 35mm B&W.


rel external nofollow

I was recently dismayed to discover that my comments on a GIS blog that I follow were not being included (in googles files) as links back to my site. To explain ... a google search of "" returned 0 results. I noticed that comment posts with a website were given the rel attribute with a value of "external nofollow" which causes the search engine to not follow the poster's link. It appears to be largely a wordpress phenomenon.


I finally got my joost invite. I have no idea what to think of it yet but I'll keep ya posted.

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Make your own gadget - Google

Make your own gadget with google's (igoogle's ?) customizable gadgets. You don't have a whole lot of creative room but some of these look like fun. I'll try a couple and see which ones I find useful. The Free Form, the personal list, and the Daily Me all look potentially cool.


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