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The WTF Internet category

Two of the most bizarre (and pointless) sites on the internet. Warning ... don't waste much time on these pages lest you become brain dead.
Can it really be ... the end of the internet ? ... where anything is possible. Whatever !??!

Drupal Nomination (just in time)

I nominated Drupal (at the very last minute) as my favorite open source CMS. It really is the best because its easy to install (albeit a bit tough to learn initially) and because once learned, it is very powerful (methinks). The deadline was today 9/1/06

Web Pages that suck

There is a good site out there that I've looked at a good bit called "Web Pages that Suck". The first thing that occurs to me is ... Why would I want to look at web pages that suck ? Well if you can't identify what sucks, its tough to recognize what makes a page really good. Hopefully my pages don't suck but I know that a couple of them could use some improvements ! The site has a series of articles. Some of the ones I liked are:
Mystery Meat Navigation

World Firefox Day

September 15th ? Recruit a friend. I've already recruited my Dad, my Wife, and my friend James but I did all that before I knew I could be famous (bummer). firefoxday gif


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